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4 Plumbing History Innovations that Changed the World

We have it pretty good here in the 21st century. Modern plumbing allows ordinary Americans to experience the quality of life that was once reserved for royalty. It’s been a long journey to achieve the cushy bathrooms that we take for granted these days. To honor the accomplishments of yesteryear, we’re giving you an intriguing look back at some of plumbing history’s most interesting and important innovations.

The 4 Most Common Plumbing Problems

If you’re a new homeowner or are just inexperienced with plumbing, check out this article. We’ll discuss the 4 most common plumbing problems, as well as why they happen.

1) Leaky Faucets

Easily the most common issue that people experience with their plumbing is the leaky faucet. A leak which goes unfixed can drive up your water bill, cause unnecessary wear on your plumbing, and drive you up the wall with annoying noise. Most of the time, these happen due to a very small hardware issue. This can be a broken or cracked O Ring, a worn or damaged washer, or a small part being improperly installed. If you’re familiar with tools or are otherwise handy, these can usually be fixed fairly easily.

5 Ways to Keep Your Pipes Safe in the Winter

It’s pretty much common knowledge that cold weather can result in burst pipes. However, what isn’t common knowledge are the easiest ways to prevent that from happening. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you can do to prevent those pesky pipes from cracking, bursting, and otherwise breaking during cold weather.

1) Keep the temperature up

The most obvious way to prevent your pipes from freezing is to turn the heat on in your home. Water freezes at 32 degrees and below, so as long as you keep your temperature well above that, you should be able to prevent any major issues. Keep in mind, however, that your home is designed to be insulated, which keeps the heat in your house. You’ll need to warm it up significantly past that freezing point in order to keep the insides of your walls above freezing.

Don’t Try These At Home: 4 Times You Need To Call A Plumber

Do-it-yourself projects are great for the wallet and for the ego, but even the most experienced do-it- yourselfer needs a professional hand now and again. So when is it time to call in a plumber? Here are four examples of situations that you’ll need a professional to deal with:

4. Frozen Pipes

This is one we Tucsonans don’t have to worry about too much, thanks to our desert climate. But every so often, even in the desert, temperatures drop, and pipes freeze. If it happens to you, don’t wait. Close the main water shutoff valve, and call a plumber to help thaw things out and determine whether the pipes are damaged. Frozen pipes can cause extensive water line damage.

4 Do-It-Yourself Tips To Unclog A Drain

It’s happened before. You know the signs. It starts with water draining just a little slowly in the sink; next thing you know, water is pooling in the shower. The smell of stagnant water lingers in your bathroom….It’s the dreaded clogged drain! But before you call us to do come out and fix it, you may wanna try these quick and easy fixes to unclog a drain yourself and save some green.

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